Elite Greyhound Adoptions, Inc. is an independent, nonprofit 501c3 organization dedicated to finding responsible and caring homes for rescued Greyhounds and other breeds in need.  With the elimination of Greyhound racing in December 2020  with proposition 13 for Flordia, we have expanded our efforts to include rescuing greyhounds, whippets, kunmings and all breeds in need from the China Meat trade.  

In addition we have personally been to China and seen the conditions of not only greyhounds sent into underground racing but also those sold to the butchers and on meat trucks awaiting a grim fate.  

It is the mission of Elite Greyhound Adoptions to find “forever” homes for a broad spectrum of Greyhounds and breeds in need around the globe:

  • Dogs rescued from their racing careers.
  • Dogs injured in training who have never raced.
  • Senior dogs returned or left homeless by death or divorce.
  • Dogs in need of veterinary care
  • Mama dogs in need of homes.
  • Any Greyhound at risk in a local shelter.
  • Dogs rescued from a grim fate of a meat truck and butcher to be used for human consumption

All donations are very much appreciated and go to help us with our extensive costs that are incurred:

  • Rescuing from the butcher
  • vetting – including spay/neuter, flea tick, etc…
  • extended boarding and care during Covid-19
  • vaccinations to enter the USA
  • airplane tickets
  • transportation
  • but we feel it is all worth it, especially when you hold your new rescued china dog

Check out the latest news on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/EliteGreyhoundAdoptions

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